Coolgradient Syntho receive MIT R&D research grant

Coolgradient recieves MIT R&D research grant with Syntho

We are thrilled to announce that Coolgradient and Syntho have been awarded a research grant by the Provincie Noord-Holland MIT R&D innovation fund.  

The two companies will collaborate to apply synthetic data generation and advanced machine learning in physically constrained environments that involve complex interactions. Data centers, for instance, where the behavior of hundreds of assets follows the laws of physics and continuously influences each other, are examples of such environments.  

This research aims to promote the wider adoption of synthetic data generation in similar industrial domains. The expected benefits include a better understanding of complex interactions and reduced reliance on available data. As data is a prerequisite for intelligent resource management in industrial domains, the advantages will enable broader adoption of AI-based optimizations. For data centers, this will reduce energy and water consumption and increase reliability and overall sustainability. 

 “We are excited about this collaboration with Syntho and the support from Provincie Noord-Holland to accelerate the region as an innovation hub for AI. This research enables us to make an even bigger (environmental) impact for our customers.” Jasper De Vries, CPO, and co-founder of Coolgradient. 

I see a great synergy in the expertise from Coolgradient and Syntho, we are very much looking forward to this collaboration. Together, we’re paving the way for a more sustainable and data-driven future.” Simon Brouwer, CTO and co-founder of Syntho. 

About Syntho

Syntho is an Amsterdam-based company revolutionizing the tech industry with AI Synthetic Data. As the leading provider of synthetic data software, Syntho’s mission is to empower businesses worldwide to generate and leverage high-quality Synthetic Data at scale. Syntho’s synthetization approaches include AI-generated, smart de-identification, and test data management.

About Coolgradient

Coolgradient transforms any data center into an intelligent facility, from roof-to-room. We combine existing data with our AI models to simplify and optimize increasingly complex data center operations. We have proven results of 20% average annual energy and water savings, increased reliability and resiliency, compliancy to sustainability regulation and improved employee productivity.

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