Harness the Power of AI
to improve reliability
and reduce energy


Harness the Power of AI to improve reliability and reduce energy!

Make your data centers intelligent by converting your existing data into actionable insights and improved visibility to continuously optimize complex operations. You can deliver uptime and improve sustainability.

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Less than 1 year ROI
optimize across all data centers
no new hardware required
Less than 1 year ROI
optimize across all data centers
no new hardware required

Reduce operational risks and extend the life of your mission-critical facility infrastructure. We analyze equipment’s operational states to make specialized optimization recommendations.


Proven savings of up to 36% of facility loads. Our machine learning platform enables your team to continuously harmonize and optimize your entire facilities infrastructure for maximum savings.


Benchmarking is the fastest way to achieve PUE targets without additional hardware investments. Use machine learning to identify, quantify and execute optimizations across ALL your data centers.


Augment your team’s abilities to focus on actions that will have the most impact with the least risk. Convert complex operations into clear and measurable recom-mendations. Visibility from Anywhere, Anytime.

Proven Savings

Data center optimization software

Data center optimization software

AI Driven Recommendations

Coolgradient AI Software Solution will simplify the complex data center facilities operations by detailed visibility into the asset health of your entire data center, from roof to room. Our machine learning models, trained on billions of data points, uncover inefficiencies and deliver prioritized recommendations for continuous data center optimization. With a single pane of glass you can monitor your entire ecosystem from the portfolio-level down to individual assets.

Advisory Services

Coolgradient Optimization Services, our in-house team of experts will collaborate with your team to identify, quantify, implement and monitor optimizations. We deliver our proven methodologies to onboard data, establish benchmarks, set operational targets, and infuse data-driven practices into your data center operations.

What our customers say

We will be soon, together, one of most efficient data centers in Europe! Your person to person collaboration was invaluable in understanding my needs, and you delivered!

Data Center Engineer

This is what I wanted years ago!

Operations Country Director

The findings can be used in the design of new data centers as well as in optimization of the old designs. Floating setpoints can be implemented and optimized with AI!

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Start Optimizing Today

No additional hardware required. We seamlessly integrate existing facility data from Chillers, Cooling Towers, IACs, CRACs, CRAHs, UPS’ and PDUs and combine it with external data to harmonize your entire data center infrastructure. We work with your team to identify, quantify, recommend and implement optimizations.

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