Coolgradient Wins Prestigious Impact Award for its contribution to making data centers more sustainable

Coolgradient, a pioneer in transforming data centers into intelligent data centers, proudly announces the reception of the highly esteemed Impact Award from the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands at the NLinNY event. Co-founder and CEO Rene Gompel accepted the award during a ceremony in the City of Dreams, New York, recognizing Coolgradient’s exceptional efforts in reducing the energy impact of data centers.

Rene Gompel highlighted the critical role of digital infrastructure in our daily lives, emphasizing the increasing challenges to deliver reliable and sustainable data centers. He stated, “Constraints on the energy grid infrastructure, higher energy costs, skilled labor shortages, and increasing regulations mean data centers need to innovate.” Gompel continued, “Our platform uses the power of AI to convert operational complexity into more efficient data-driven operations, increasing sustainability and improving reliability.”

Expressing gratitude for the prestigious Impact Award, Gompel acknowledged the Ministry of Economic Affairs recognition. He praised his team, stating, “I am proud of the Coolgradient team who is delivering on our mission to make the data center industry more sustainable.”



The ScaleNL Accelerator program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, chose Coolgradient as one of the top 10 companies for the 2023 US East Coast ScaleNL accelerator program. This program focuses on facilitating the success of companies in the US market, providing a bridge between their Netherlands strategy and a tailored strategy for the American market.


Sustainable data centers

Coolgradient’s SaaS platform harnesses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to optimize data centers, enhancing reliability, reducing energy consumption, and boosting employee productivity. The platform seamlessly integrates existing facilities’ infrastructure data, eliminating the need for additional hardware. With a focus on continuous optimization, Coolgradient empowers teams to convert millions of data points from mission-critical infrastructure into actionable insights.

To date, Coolgradient has saved clients more than 14,000MWh (14GWh!) with its AI platform. The company also offers advisory services to assist data center operations teams in achieving energy savings quickly while reducing operational risk.

Contact us to learn how Coolgradient can help make your data center more sustainable and reliable.

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About Coolgradient: Coolgradient is a leading provider of AI-driven solutions for optimizing data centers. The company’s platform seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure to enhance sustainability, reliability, and energy efficiency. With a mission to make the data center industry more sustainable, Coolgradient empowers teams to deliver continuous optimization from roof to room.

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