Coolgradient delivers 14,000 MWh in Energy Savings

Coolgradient is proud to announce another significant milestone in our journey toward intelligent and sustainable data center operations. So far, we have helped our valued customers save 14,000 MWh in energy consumption while improving reliability and helping teams be more productive. We are just getting started!

Operating a data center in today’s dynamic environment is getting increasingly complex.

From ever-evolving cooling systems and shifting IT workloads to extreme weather conditions and new PUE regulations. Factor in rising energy costs, and running an efficient data center has become a competitive edge. So, how can you ensure 99.999% uptime while simultaneously reducing energy consumption? AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the key.

Read on to discover how Coolgradient has already achieved remarkable energy savings while enhancing site reliability and boosting operational efficiency.


Unlocking Intelligent Efficiency, Without Additional Hardware

Our approach involves harnessing the wealth of available facility data into holistic recommendations to optimize cooling systems, harmonize facility assets and UPS systems from roof to room.

With Coolgradient, there is no need for additional hardware or complex IoT (Internet of Things) projects. We have not only reduced energy consumption but also help extend the lifetime of mission-critical assets. Not to mention, your teams will have peace of mind knowing their systems are fully optimized to deliver site reliability.


The Coolgradient AI Platform

So, how does Coolgradient achieve these impressive results? Our in-house experts have trained our machine learning models with over 240 billion data points and collaborated closely with data center operations teams to validate our models.

Our process starts with collecting data from your cooling and energy systems. We then use our SaaS platform to analyze the data, automatically identify inefficiencies, quantify potential savings, and validate the findings. If required, we work with your operations teams to co-create implementation plans to ensure prompt implementation.

After implementations, your teams can use our platform to monitor any impact of the adjustments continuously. Our goal is to ensure your entire infrastructure remains harmonized with the ever-changing dynamics of your data center.


Coolgradient Success Stories

Let’s explore how we collaborated with our customers to achieve these remarkable energy savings:

1. Cooling Efficiency

The traditional “set and forget” approach is no longer adequate as cooling systems get more complicated, compute configurations become denser and PUE targets get more challenging.

Our machine learning models have been trained to find optimization opportunities, inefficiencies and malfunctions in (multi-mode) hybrid chillers, drycoolers, cooling towers, IAC and water source cooling systems. With our customers we found many energy saving areas. Some frequently occurring problems we discovered are with chilled water rings, malfunctioning dry coolers, blocked filters, and malfunctioning 3-way chiller valves, to name a few.

Using AI to identify the unknowns in your data center Sometimes the teams had an idea that there was a problem but had not validated and quantified the impacts. Our tool did both and provided prescriptive recommendations. Other times we discovered inefficiencies that the teams were unaware of by using AI’s power. It was not only legacy data centers but many new data centers that were not operating exactly as they were designed to run.

Combined with our AI models and in-house experts, we delivered advisory services and collaborated with the data center operational and design teams. We carefully examined the findings, quantified their impacts, and provided clear recommendations to address these issues. Subsequently, we devised an implementation plan to realize the optimizations. After changes were made our data center software delivered enhanced monitoring which assured that savings were realized without jeopardizing customer SLAs.

Up to now, we have achieved substantial energy savings, conserving approximately 6,200 MWhs, specifically in data center cooling equipment.

In addition, these efforts have significantly reduced wear and tear on mission critical assets, enhancing their reliability and potentially prolonging their operational lifespan.

2. Data Center Cooling Harmonization

To enhance data center efficiency, our machine learning models analyzed the entire cooling system from roof to room to harmonize the complete data center cooling ecosystem. If some components of your infrastructure are not optimized, the rest of your cooling systems are working harder than needed, which consumes more energy and increases equipment wear and tear. Not to mention stress for the operational team, who may know it is not optimal, but are not sure where to adjust and what other impacts that will have on the entire system.

Data center optimizations and recommendationsWith this holistic approach our SaaS platform consistently found inefficiencies and our AI models recommended optimization solutions across the whole data center infrastructure. The most common optimizations identified were CRAC system tuning, CWR (Chilled Water Rings) setpoints, CRAH fan speeds, too-high modulating valve openings, optimal floor pressure and differential pressure setpoints.

Our tools reduced complexity and increased visibility by showing what the operation teams should focus on to have the most impact. After delivering recommendations, we collaborated closely with local operations teams and crafted implementation plans. They then used our SaaS platform to enhance monitoring to make sure that the optimizations they implemented had the desired effect and did not adversely impact other parts of the cooling system to ensure they met their ASHRAE standards.

Across multiple data centers, we’ve achieved remarkable energy savings of 4,300 MWh by optimizing from roofs to rooms. These enhancements not only reduce energy consumption but also improve uptime and asset reliability, offering peace of mind to operations teams in delivering energy savings without compromising uptime.

Example optimization schedule:


3. UPS Efficiency

In 2023, we started focusing on UPS systems for our customers and integrated UPS data into our platform.

Our SaaS platform found many of the data centers where the UPSs were not at optimum efficiency. Some were even showing alarming health deterioration over time. Working with the local ops team we changed some settings, resulting in an energy savings of 3,650 MWh per year. Not to mention some peace of mind for the teams as we discovered a potential UPS risk.


Join the Coolgradient journey to intelligent and sustainable data centers

Coolgradient believes in the power of collaboration. With our AI models, your existing data, and our team of in-house experts working in tandem with your operations teams, we ensure continuous data center optimization, leading to substantial energy savings and improved reliability.

Lower energy costs also enhance your competitiveness, improve ESG and increase readiness for upcoming PUE regulations.

If your data center setup is unique, not a problem. Our team and AI are up to the challenge we can develop machine learning models to meet your specific needs and deliver optimization. RTU (rooftop units), IAC (Indirect air cooling), Adiabatic…no problem our team and models will adapt to your specific needs.

We take immense pride in our partnership with our customers and are excited to have achieved over 14,000 MWh in energy savings. Stay tuned as we onboard more locations and help our customers meet their sustainability and reliability targets.

Stay Cool, Work Smart.

The Coolgradient Team


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