Coolgradient joins the Dutch Data Center Association as a partner

Coolgradient, the first-ever roof-to-room data center optimization suite, is now a partner of the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA). Amsterdam-based and Dutch company Coolgradient has already implemented the platform within a dozen data centers across several countries within the EMEA region. The US and Asia are expected to follow at the end of 2022.


Coolgradient has proven to deliver value fast:

  • Energy cost reduction by more than 25% at sites with a PUE lower than 1,4
  • ROI of less than one year
  • No impact on any existing data center infrastructure
  • Considerable reduction in operational risk


Challenges in the data center market

Data centers face quite some challenges, Jasper de Vries, co-founder of Coolgradient, says. “Challenges like tight(ening) regulations and societal pressures, unprecedented energy price increases, no or less energy availability and impact of climate change which puts existing cooling capacities at risk. These issues require an immediate response, often based on physical changes within the current infrastructure and, therefore, pretty hard to implement. Our platform has a proven and non-intrusive way of dealing with these challenges now, with direct and tangible benefits for any data center.”


Optimal state’

Using existing sensor data, we’ve created a platform that brings the whole data center into an optimal state, transcending ánd improving optimizations within single pieces of equipment like CRAHs or chillers, taking into account – amongst others – the impact on overall maintenance as well.


Advanced Machine Learning algorithms

Jasper de Vries: “Interactions between the mechanical and electrical equipment, along with their associated setpoints, control schemes, and feedback loops, make it extremely difficult to determine this ‘optimal state.’ Traditional engineering formulas often won’t work because they fail to capture such complex interdependencies, as previously acknowledged by The Uptime Institute. However, by applying advanced Machine Learning algorithms to all this sensor data (we currently process over 200 billion sensor readings), the platform detects patterns in a data center that were previously unknown due to this complexity.”


Easy-to-implement optimizations

“Unraveling these patterns, our products offer clear and easy-to-use answers to many roles within the data center organization, like senior leadership, operational managers, site engineers, and data analysts. Depending on their needs, they can move through all these patterns themselves with advanced root-cause-analysis, receive timely and automated reports whenever the most critical patterns change, or are directly handed recommendations on the most optimal settings, reducing cooling energy and increasing operational reliability at the same time.”


Partnership Dutch Data Center Association

“We joined DDA as a partner because data centers in the Netherlands need a strong advocate to face the challenges above,” says René Gompel, owner of Coolgradient. “The DDA provides valuable input to all discussions, knows and understands the market and its stakeholders, and is a catalyst in bringing all of them together. The DDA will be part of the solution. Just as we’re convinced, Coolgradient is.”

Stijn Grove, Managing Director of the Dutch Data Center Association, is enthusiastic about the partnership with Coolgradient: “As an innovative scale-up, Coolgradient is a valuable addition to the DDA network. Within the existing ecosystem of data center solutions, Coolgradient is a relatively new participant with fresh new ideas on how to drive the data center market’s sustainability further. The data center roof-to-room optimization suite offers new insights on impactful efficiency measures that data centers can implement.”

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